We appologize…

Seems we were a day off last week! Well, at least you got some fun information on Saturday this time!

Word of the Week



Legal proceedings undertaken by a tenant to recover

possessions of personal belongings that have been unlawfully

confiscated by a landlord (usually for nonpayment of rent).


Friday Funny



Word of the Week:


Riparian Rights:


The water rights of a land-owner whose property is adjacent to or

 crossed by a body of water.


Word of the Week:


To give up; a term used in quitclaim deeds.

Word of the Week:

Obligatory Advances:

Disbursments of construction loan funds that the lender is

 obligated to make (by prior agreement with the borrower)

when the borrower has completed certain phases of construction.

Word of the Week


An improvement which, because of deficiency in cost or size,

is not the most profitable use of land;

not the highest and best use.

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