Today is the day so many football fans have waited for.  Especially if you are from Wisconsin or Pittsburg!  What a game it will be!

Some will take part with an ALL day event and watch all the pre-game, getting comfy on the couch and creating a food outline of their body as the day goes.  Others will join in as the events get closer to kick off.  For those that are music buffs (and may have already been there), what an exciting event the Superbowl committee put together.  Starting things off was Kid Rock at the Pepsi Fan Club on Feb.3, then Christina Aguilera will sing the National anthem, then L-O-O-K O-U-T!!! Here come the BLACK EYED PEAS for the half time show.  I personally thing this is gonna be a day of music to remember!  TONIGHT’S GONNA BE A GOOD GOOD NIGHT!!

Let’s not forget to mention the food that will be consumed on this day.  Today is the busiest pizza delivery day, so if you are a pizza business or delivery person, THANKS for your hard work while the rest of the world parties down.  Remember to tip your drivers well, this is how they make their living.  Velveeta Cheese must make a killing on this day.  Who doesn’t make the ever favorite dip of Velveeta con caso nacho cheese dip? Meatball, little wieners in BBQ sauce, we have it all on this day.

For those of you that do a more dramatic dinner, hats off to you.  Growing up, our family always did a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner for the half time show.  Yep, we had it all.  From the turkey to pie! So don’t think you just have to  have pizza and beer for this day.  Also remember, it is not out of line to ask people to bring a dish to pass.  This is such a great idea and what a way to try different appetizers that you may not otherwise have gotten to try.  For those of us in the frozen tundras, maybe it is gonna be chili! Shake up your recipe and add some different seasonings or vegetables to your chili.  This site has a  great Chipotle Turkey Bacon chili recipe that have received lots of great comments on.

And who can’t wait for the commercials? I know many of the people I have talked to said they will only be watching for the crazy commercials.  Everyone knows that this will be the talk at the water cooler tomorrow at work so pay attention.  Rumor has it this year is gonna be outstanding for laughs.  I hope so, I was somewhat disappointed at last years, felt it lacked something memorable.  So bring on the laughs and let’s make tons of memory’s.

So as you make your way to kick off, choose your team as carefully as you choose the chair your plan to sit in.  Enjoy and hats off to all the players! They are all winners and what an accomplishment it is to make it to where they are today.

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Chipotle Turkey Bacon Chili…Tasty Tuesday

So last week in Minnesota, much of the world heard we went to the very back of the freezer and got frozen.  I can honestly say when the thermometer reads anything below -10, I don’t leave the comforts of my own home.  But what to do about dinner? Well, as I work from home, I LOVE to smell great aromas whafting through my home in anticipation of a great dinner.  So to the kitchen I went.  Not really sure of what to make, I did my grocery shopping standing with the freezer & fridge doors wide open…yep, heard my mom in my head, “CLOSE THOSE DOORS AND DON’T DO YOUR SHOPPING IN THE FRIDGE”! It still brings a smile to my face.

Well, I thought how about creating something and never telling a soul if it is truly awful.  So I came up with Chipotle Turkey Bacon chili.


1 lb of ground turkey

1/2 lb of Jimmy Deans mild or hot (depending on your taste) sausage

6-10 strips of bacon cut into bit size pieces (I like that think smoked)

1/2 green pepper cut up into small pieces

5 scallion onions cut up (using the whole onion, use more or less to taste)

1 can sliced mushrooms

1 lrg can of tomato sauce & pieces

1 can of tomato sauce

2-3 cups of V8 juice

1 can kidney beans (drained)

1 can Pinto beans (drained)

4 Tbls. of chili seasoning powder

2 tsp of Chipotle seasoning (or to your taste this will make it spice.  Start with a little and add more as you go)

3 Tbls. of sea salt

pepper to taste

(to make this recipe your own, add any other vegetables that you like in your chili, some use celery, yellow peppers or carrots) 


In a large kettle, put bacon in and start to cook (about 5 minutes) then add the ground turkey & sausage, cook fully.  Depending on the grade & quality of the bacon & ground turkey, you may not need to drain the meat, this will add extra flavor if you leave some of the grease to mix in with the other ingredients. While meats are cooking cut up all your vegetables, add these and cook until they are tender.  Add the mushrooms (drained) to warm, add both the kidney & pinto beans then add tomato sauces & V8 juice, add chili powder, salt & pepper.  Let simmer on stove on LOW heat until ready to serve.  I left mine on for about 5 hours.  If your sauce starts to diminish, you can add more V8, tomato sauce or even water if you like a runnier chili.

Serving suggestions:

Cheese, Sour cream, Oyester crackers, hot sauce (for more intense flavor), or any traditions your family has.

So there you have it! To my surprise, a girlfriend stopped by & she ended up staying for dinner (I told her it was her own tongue on the line) and she LOVED it!!! So I thought that I would share this creation with everyone.  HAPPY COOKING & stay warm!

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