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Every feel like your real estate keeps telling you to imagine things when all you want is the facts?  Contact to work with a real estae agent that want ask you to imagine, but help you to see what the finished picture will look like.

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Do you trust whom you are working with? A good agent is the decision between loving the process or hating every minute of looking for your new home.

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Thursday Thriller

Creative thinking...

Which actually does have more equity?

Look Around YOUR Home For Ideas

Some are still putting away the holiday decorations, some already have them down and all are left staring at the large spaces that 20 days ago glitzy and gleamed.  Now what?

Are you sitting in this space wondering what to put on that empty wall space? Maybe thinking about that chair that just doesn’t fit the rest of the room or looking at the kids art work piling up and not sure what to do with all of it?

Let’s take a look at what we can create and do to change some of these dull or unfitting pieces.

That large open spot on the wall:   Have you been given some great dishes with unique designs on them?  Why not create a wall design that uses these?  You can get wall hangers for plates and such at any hardware store or large box store.  Hang the hangers-on the wall in a unique arrangement that will display these great pieces and make for wonderful conversation pieces.  How about some unique jewelry that you aren’t using any longer but still remember all the compliments and “OH’s & AH’s” you got when you wore it.  Why not get a frame and use this as a picture on a wall or in a stand on a counter.  This way you can still get that wonderful “OH’s & AH’s” and display these great pieces rather than hide them away.

Curtain tie backs: Rather than using the same old tie backs that all of us buy at the local store, then walk into our neighbors and see the same thing and think, “I WISH I HAD SOMETHING NO ONE ELSE DID”.  Again, use your old jewelry to create a unique & custom tie back that will create a distinguished look you are hoping for.  Use long pearls wrapped or tied back. Have a large necklace these work great also and can create quit a sparkle in any room.

That chair that just doesn’t fit: You painted the room and now that great chair doesn’t fit any more.  What to do? Why not repolster it or if it is wood, paint it and put a new cushion on it.  These are cost saving ways to update a chair and make it work in the room.  You can find easy instructions to assist in these projects on the internet.

Oh, all the kids artwork!:  What wonderful pieces your child has created and given to you.  Know what?  You have a one of a kind original that no one; no matter how hard they try will be able to get a copy of (unless you pass it along or copy for them)?  Why not put these pieces in frames and display them on your wall, end tables or frame stands around the house?  Your guests will love to see their work, your kids will love telling everyone what they were thinking when they created it  and you can rotate these so your pictures and decor are always changing.

Be creative and let THE SPIRITS TO MOVE help you to create new focal points, discussion points and save you money while doing it.  We all have many unique things in our own homes that can be used for more than it’s intended purpose, open your mind and see what you can create.

I am Sick…Do I have to show my house today?

If you have your home on the market now, hopefully you are starting to see the post holidays showings starting to increase. However, now is also the time for colds, flus & many other illness’ to take over many of our homes.

So you get that call and someone wants to see your home…but you feel miserable and don’t want to leave. What should you do? If you are at all capable, I say load the family up and let the request happen to view your home. If you are down and out with a fever, then I would be honest tell the requesting agent there is sickness in the home and ask if a better day/time would work.

What you need to remember, with the number of homes that are on the market, if you deny a showing you maybe in the end loosing that chance at a purchase agreement so work your hardest to accomodate all request that come in and remember THE SPIRITS TO MOVE work in some crazy ways so be prepared when the call comes in.

Scams, Scams, Scams Everywhere!

As we all know times are tough and many are in dire straights with their real estate situation as well.  Most homes now are over valued, which means the current mortgage is more than the actual value of the home.  I hope that many people like myself try to find the good in each and every person that I encounter.  However, there are people out there that look to take advantage of people to assist in their own getting ahead. Sad part is they don’t care if they prey on elders, handicapped or just the everyday person trying to make a living.

Real estate has been hit hard over the past several years with many different types of scams that have put the current market in a very precarious situation.  Now many are looking for help to keep their homes, sell their homes and protect some of their interest or just know what may happen if they walk away. 

The sad  part about the whole situation of what is going on now, is it is hard to catch the people who are preying on persons that truly are looking for help to resolve their situation.  We have all heard it before, but I am going to say it again before I get into the top 3 scams that are going on right now in the real estate market:


Here are the top three scams that are happening now in the real estate market for those looking for help.

1.)  PHANTOM HELP:  Out of the blue you get a postcard, flyer or call from someone stating they can help you save your home.  Generally, these types of advertisements are scams.  Be VERY careful if you plan to contact on of these solicitations about the information and personal information you give them.  More than likely they are not working with anyone connected with your mortgage or your personal situation.

2.) BAIL-OUT/RENT-TO-BUY: Should someone approach you to buy your home at a discounted amount, have you rent from them for a certain amount of time, then you get to buy the home back for the purchase price….RUN!!!!!!  This is the BIGGEST scam out there.  These people will show up with a document ready for you to sign that has these details drafted out, but in reality, what the document states is you are SIGNING THE DEED TO YOUR HOME OVER to this person/company.  You will soon receive a certified letter or some sort of contacting notifying you that you have so many days to move out of your home.

3.) Bait-N-Switch:  Again, this looks a lot like the bail-out/rent-to-own, but this time they will show up with documents & just fill in the information in front of you.  This person will be dressed VERY well, mainly a male and be a very fast talker.  They will tell you, you have to make the decision right then and there and pressure you to sing the document.  You will be signing the deed to your home over to whomever this person/company is.

Where can you turn for help you can trust?  HUD is always a  great option; they provide a service that allows you to bring in any documents you have received and someone will review them and give you suggestions as to how to progress or if it may not be in your best interest.  Also, you have the right at any time to contact a lawyer of your choice to review the documents you have.  There maybe a fee for this service so check with the firm you want to work with.  You can also try to work with your local bank that you have a personal relationship with. They maybe able to suggest

THE SPIRITS TO MOVE are here to help and provide you with information that is helpful & trustworthy! Be safe and know who you are talking with at all times about your personal & financial information.

Thursday Thriller

Just remember there is ALWAYS one more room you need to see...

Quote of the day

When I walk around whether it be in the mall, grocery shopping, at the gym or where ever my day may take me, it seems when I look around I can see confusion & concern on the faces that move toward me.  What could these wonderful people be thinking about? Family, friends, financial or maybe their own personal dreams and growth?

Many of us do not take the time to invest in ourselves, but rather continue to put everyone in front of our own needs.  With the New Year coming quickly at us, why not make a committment to ourselves to take time for YOURSELF? When THE SPIRITS TO MOVE come across your own being and you take 5 minutes to possibly 1 hour whether it be a day or a week, this could change your whole world, outlook and put a smile on your face!

Now is the time to invest in you! For your health, happiness & DREAMS!

Here is a great quote that always makes me look at what I can do.  Not only for myself, but others around me and some I may not even know.

Everyday begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.  Harriet Tubman