Word of the Week:


Love and Affection:

The consideration often listed on a deed when real estate

is conveyed between family members with no money exchanged.

  The law recognizes love and affection as good consideration

 (as distinguished from valuable consideration, which is money,

 goods, or services.)


Friday Funny…

In Zion, Illinois there is a law that prohibits owners from giving a lit cigar to any of their domesticated animals.

While the law specifically names dogs and cats, it also applies to other kinds of pet such as hamsters rabbits and goldfish.


So no matter how much your goldfish shows you his big boggley eyes, you are by law, not allowed to fall for it and give him a lit cigar.
I guess you could give him an unlit one, but that kind of takes all the fun out of it now doesn’t it.

Word of the Week

Doctrine of Laches:

A legal principle holding that the law will refuse to protect those who fail to assert their legal rights within the time period prescribed by the statute of limitations, or (if there is no applicable statute of limitations) within a reasonable time.

Now that we have heard the State of the Union address, how do you think we are doing?


Word of the Week


A breach of duty imposed by law (as opposed to a duty voluntarily taken on in a contract) that causes harm to another person, giving the injured person the right to sue the one who breached the duty. Also called civil wrong (in contrast to a criminal wrong, a crime).