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When does the Spring Housing Market begin?

Before I got into real estate as a consultant, I to believed the Spring Market for home sales began in May.  Do you know that the Spring Market really begins in late February? Well, it does.  With the holiday season being over & the decorations have been put away, people realized over the past month or so things have changed in their lives or THE SPIRITS TO MOVE just settle in.  Our home maybe too big, too small or we need to be closer (or sometimes even further) away from the rest of the family.  

This thought process & conversation will usually happen over the month of January and then I will get a call that they would like to know what their home is worth.  The situation may also play out something like this, if you are in the Northern part of the country, say like Minnesota, you know that you can be locked up in your home if you’re not a winter lover for what seems like a lifetime, but actually ends up to be about 5 months.  Come February when the Spring Parade of Homes starts, people will go looking at homes just to get out of the house.  Once they start to see some of the new innovations, locations or lay outs they decide they must have a new home.  This means a great opportunity for the person looking to move up and not deal with the stresses of building a home.

So with this said, what to do now?

First, take the time to look around and see if your current home is meeting all your needs.  If you are renting talk to someone or you can even play around on the mortgage calculators found on most mortgage web sites, you will be amazed that in some situations what you are paying in rent you could be paying towards your own home creating a tax break each year & gaining equity on your investment.  NOW THERE’S SOMETHING POSITIVE TO START THE NEW YEAR OFF WITH! 

Second, be sure to talk with a mortgage person to make sure that your credit is in check & that you qualify for a home loan.  Most agents these days will not begin to show you homes until they have the pre-qualification letter from your lender with a maximum dollar amount you can afford.  This is for your own good and well as to manage the agents time as well.

Third, find an agent you like, trust and want to work with.  It seems to me that everyone I know seems to know at least 50 other agents as well.  Whether it be family members, friends, someone at work or a referral from a friend.  Just remember, during this process things can get heated and you need to be able to separate relation ties & be able to get down to business even when the boxing gloves come out.  So be sure that your connection to your agent if it is family or friend is strong enough to withstand a few arguments or disagreements that may happen.  You will also need to feel absolutely comfortable with this person as you will be spending LOTS of time with them whether it is via email, phone or personal contact.  Many agents these days have web sites that can allow you to get a feel for how they work, their background and their mission & goals when working with you.

Have THE SPIRITS TO MOVE touched you yet? If so, now is the time to start getting ready to make the move.  Here’s to happy house hunting in the NEW YEAR.