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Ever feel like this when your real estate agent is talking with you?

Work with an agent that talks your language. 

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Vickie Gylling RE/MAX Advantage Plus  vickie@zettler.net

Thursday Thriller



Are you getting the best quality service from your real estate service?  Looking for the best quality service?  Work with an agent that has your best interests at the top of the list.  Visit www.VickieGylling.com for more information.

Thursday Thriller

In the market we are facing today with home sales and buyers, it is time to get creative.  However, when you get creative, you MUST make sure that the transaction will be legal no matter how you negotiate it.  Work with someone you trust and who will be able to provide you with correct information or put you in touch with someone that will get you the correct answers.  Check out www.VickieGylling.com for more Real Estate information.

Friday Funny…

Q: What is a maintenance-free house?

A: There hasn’t been any maintenance in the last 10 years.


When you are looking for real estate, are you sure you know all the different things you should be looking for? How about what an inspector should be looking for?  When you decide to buy or sell, make sure your home is in proper shape so the buyers will be confident in the purchase of the home.  Visit www.VickieGylling.com for more real estate information or follow The Gylling Group on facebook.

Thursday Thriller


Over the past 5-7 years, selling real estate sometimes seemed to be just putting a sign in the yard and signing the contracts.  Well, things have changed.  The commerce department is cracking down on agents, legislative laws are becoming more strict, and many buyers don’t want to work without an agent on their side to help them. 

So if you are thinking about selling your own home, do you know the correct steps, laws, connections & now how the process REALLY works?

Be sure you are covered whether you are buying or selling.  Check out www.VickieGylling.com for more Real Estate information.

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Friday Fact

We all know that when out shopping we are looking for great deals.  We all know to talk with our family & friends about where to get the best deals on certain items.  Did you know that if you ask some of the store clerks, they will let you in on the little secrets of the back offices.

Most of us think when shopping the big box stores like Sams Club or Costco, their prices are set in stone and there is no way to know when they are  about to clearance items or when they have dropped prices on items.   Look no further, their secrets codes have been let out!  Now when you are shopping these stores, you two can know what is going on by just looking at the tag.

While shopping Costco, a couple of their codes are:

*  means they are getting rid of the items.  You may even be able to speak with a manager and negotiate the item to an even lower price than is on                                            the card.

.97  (the price ends in .97)  means the price has been lowered recently. 

While shopping at Sams Club one of their most used code:

.01 (the price ends in .01)  means the price has been lowered recently.

Now you can shop the stores armed and dangerous!

Here’s to happy shopping days ahead!

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