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Do you ever feel like this looking for a real estate agent? 

Why go through all the trouble of searching. 

Contact The Gylling Group or visit us on

Facebook at The Gylling Group.


Thursday Thriller…

Some agents will let you get away with whatever you want…is that really going to keep you out of a future lawsuit?

Work with the professionals with integrity and putting your legal protection in the mix.  Check us out on Facebook at Gylling Group Real Estate.

Friday Funny…


Ever feel like this when your real estate agent is talking with you?

Work with an agent that talks your language. 

Email for more information, to see homes in the areas of your choosing or just to ask questions. 

Vickie Gylling RE/MAX Advantage Plus  vickie@zettler.net

Thursday Thriller


Every feel like your real estate keeps telling you to imagine things when all you want is the facts?  Contact Vickie@zettler.net to work with a real estae agent that want ask you to imagine, but help you to see what the finished picture will look like.

Thursday Thriller


Ever feel like you have to play hardball just to get your agent to work with you on your real estate transaction? Work with an agent that has your best intersts at heart and working to get you the best deal!  www.VickieGylling.com

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Are you getting the best quality service from your real estate service?  Looking for the best quality service?  Work with an agent that has your best interests at the top of the list.  Visit www.VickieGylling.com for more information.

Thursday Thriller


Does your real estate agent and company really listen to you to help you sell or buy a home? Work with a company and agent that doesn’t just show up, but goes above your expectations in the real estate industry.  Visit www.VickieGylling.com to find out more.

Friday Funny!


Q: How long is a temporary mortgage?

A: Until the bank forecloses.


Although this may make you laugh today…be sure you are dealing with an agent that cares about you.

Check out www.VickieGylling.com for more information on the real estate happenings.

Thursday Thriller…

Do you trust whom you are working with? A good agent is the decision between loving the process or hating every minute of looking for your new home.

Visit www.VickieGylling.com for more information on real estate news.

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