Today is the day so many football fans have waited for.  Especially if you are from Wisconsin or Pittsburg!  What a game it will be!

Some will take part with an ALL day event and watch all the pre-game, getting comfy on the couch and creating a food outline of their body as the day goes.  Others will join in as the events get closer to kick off.  For those that are music buffs (and may have already been there), what an exciting event the Superbowl committee put together.  Starting things off was Kid Rock at the Pepsi Fan Club on Feb.3, then Christina Aguilera will sing the National anthem, then L-O-O-K O-U-T!!! Here come the BLACK EYED PEAS for the half time show.  I personally thing this is gonna be a day of music to remember!  TONIGHT’S GONNA BE A GOOD GOOD NIGHT!!

Let’s not forget to mention the food that will be consumed on this day.  Today is the busiest pizza delivery day, so if you are a pizza business or delivery person, THANKS for your hard work while the rest of the world parties down.  Remember to tip your drivers well, this is how they make their living.  Velveeta Cheese must make a killing on this day.  Who doesn’t make the ever favorite dip of Velveeta con caso nacho cheese dip? Meatball, little wieners in BBQ sauce, we have it all on this day.

For those of you that do a more dramatic dinner, hats off to you.  Growing up, our family always did a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner for the half time show.  Yep, we had it all.  From the turkey to pie! So don’t think you just have to  have pizza and beer for this day.  Also remember, it is not out of line to ask people to bring a dish to pass.  This is such a great idea and what a way to try different appetizers that you may not otherwise have gotten to try.  For those of us in the frozen tundras, maybe it is gonna be chili! Shake up your recipe and add some different seasonings or vegetables to your chili.  This site has a  great Chipotle Turkey Bacon chili recipe that have received lots of great comments on.

And who can’t wait for the commercials? I know many of the people I have talked to said they will only be watching for the crazy commercials.  Everyone knows that this will be the talk at the water cooler tomorrow at work so pay attention.  Rumor has it this year is gonna be outstanding for laughs.  I hope so, I was somewhat disappointed at last years, felt it lacked something memorable.  So bring on the laughs and let’s make tons of memory’s.

So as you make your way to kick off, choose your team as carefully as you choose the chair your plan to sit in.  Enjoy and hats off to all the players! They are all winners and what an accomplishment it is to make it to where they are today.

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Produce Prices Rising…how are you compensating?

Information is being to come out that produce prices are increasing by 2-3 times. How do you plan to offset these price increases?

Here are a few suggestions to help combat this in these hard economical times:

1.) Planting a garden during the months that your climate allows.  Do you know that when you plant your own garden you are not only cutting down on the family financial situation, but you are also helping the environment as well.  The bee population may increase with the pollination of the flowers for some of the seeds planted, it may help to increase natural gases put off by the vegetation during growth.  Many business’ now are even participating in communal gardens.  Employees offer their time to plant, weed, water, pick and donate or eat the items grown.  What a great idea!! This may relieve some of the on the job stresses each day along with helping some of the community food shelves.  These are only just a few of the positive things that may occur.

2.) Shopping the local farmers markets.  What a great way to support your local community farmers and reduce costs for your family grocery shopping.  Do you realize that many of the farmers markets now not only sell just vegetable items?  Many now also sell meats, breads, flowers, natural made soaps and so much more.  You can find the location, times, seasonal sale schedule and so much more at (for Minnesota).  Google farmers markets to find you location in other states.

3.) Shop the local big box stores with other family members, co-workers or neighbors.  If you are single or just a family of a couple, you may not think to shop the big box stores such as Sams Club, Costco or others that are starting to pop up.  Can’t eat a  50 lb. bag of potatoes? How about splitting the bag with other people you may know that eat the same items.  You can also do this for such items as paper products, personal care products or anything you can buy & use.

4.) DONATE!  If you decide to do any of the following and you get an over abundance of items, many food shelves will accept donations of most products.  Check with you local food shelves, shelters, churches or places of help to see what they will accept.

Most say that in tough times, we need to lean on each other to make it through the tough times.  I hope some of these suggestions have helped to show you some ways to keep costs down in your own family and to be a contributing factor to those that are in a less than fortunate situation in these times.  Sometimes, THE SPIRITS TO MOVE moves us in different & unusual ways.

South Metro Market

Being in real estate is definitely a line of work that keeps me on my toes and looking at the papers, internet & talking with other agents quit often.  Especially in the market we are in.  With the number of foreclosures, short sales and some just trying to do a regular sale, keeps me always looking to educate myself so my clients get top notch service, knowledge and answers to their questions that are to the best of my knowledge.  With that is knowing what is available on the market and what my clients needs are.

Let’s look at a high demand neighborhood that many thought they could never live in.  I will not say you can purchase a home for pennies on the dollar by any means, but have you looked at the prices lately in The Wilds Neighborhood Golf community?  Well, don’t waste another second…they are INCREDIBLE!   To live in a neighborhood that centers around one of the top golf course in America, close to recreational endeavors, small town feel but only minutes from bit town living, a short community to the Mall of America and so much more.

Here are some examples:

3 bedroom, 3 bath executive townhouse on the golf course sold just over 6 years ago for $380,000.00.  Well, believe it or not this home is now pending to be sold with a list price of $275,000.00.  Did I mention pending? Yes, it is going to be closed and word on the street is it will be lower than the list price even.

Single family home is what you are looking for? There are the same sort of deals out there as the one mentioned above.  Some are on the course, some have pools & some well you would just gasp if you saw what they offered on the inside!

So, when THE SPIRITS TO MOVE, hits you…contact Vickie Gylling at RE/MAX Advantage Plus or check out her website at and get quality service, knowledge & care you deserve when making such a decision.

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