Friday Fun Fact

Ok, so it is Friday and let’s end the week in outerspace.  Here are a few homes that are shaped like spaceships!! Now that’s pretty cool if you ask me!  Enjoy and have a great week end.  Don’t forget to rate this article, we appreciate it.

There Are at Least Two Spaceship Homes in the World (that We Know Of)

Ok, here’s the bad news: they don’t fly. But there is spaceship-shaped real estate in the world, one in Johannesburg, South Africa (right), and one in Chattanooga, TN (below). 

spaceship real estate investing

In fact, the one in Tennessee was built as a model home, for an entire spaceship-home subdivision, that was (fortunately? unfortunately?) abandoned by the developer.

The Tennessee spaceship real estate model sold at auction for a measly $119,000 in December 2008. Where are the Trekkies, I wondered? What about the Star Wars nerds? Sci-Fi Channel regulars?

Then I remembered the property’s in Tennessee, where they don’t have electricity for things like televisions, and it all made sense.

That’s all the fun we’re going to have today!  But keep on keepin’ on with your real estate investing, it’s the investors who are going to keep this national real estate ship from sinking.

sci fi real estate investing 

I hope ET knows which home is really his!


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