I am Sick…Do I have to show my house today?

If you have your home on the market now, hopefully you are starting to see the post holidays showings starting to increase. However, now is also the time for colds, flus & many other illness’ to take over many of our homes.

So you get that call and someone wants to see your home…but you feel miserable and don’t want to leave. What should you do? If you are at all capable, I say load the family up and let the request happen to view your home. If you are down and out with a fever, then I would be honest tell the requesting agent there is sickness in the home and ask if a better day/time would work.

What you need to remember, with the number of homes that are on the market, if you deny a showing you maybe in the end loosing that chance at a purchase agreement so work your hardest to accomodate all request that come in and remember THE SPIRITS TO MOVE work in some crazy ways so be prepared when the call comes in.

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